Ways Saltist will be your Favourite Party Accessory

What's a party without some fun and games to keep you entertained?

We think a salty nuance after every delightful shot is one of the best ways to step up your night parties. You'll find on this blog post some fun -filled tequila shot games that can be used during social gatherings or with friends on the best occasions.  This will give you the opportunity to create memorable evenings full of drinks, laughs, and memories.

  • Mexican Stand-Off

    To start off the night and ease everyone up a little, a Mexican-themed game is perfect for groups of friends who want to bond while enjoying a few cocktails. Here’s how to get started: 


    1. Fill every Saltist cup with water except for one which has tequila in it. Make sure to fill it in full and do not let the players see which cup has the tequila.
    2. Everyone sits in a circle. Blind fold the person who’s going to pick the drink. 
    3. The person who gets the tequila drink has to answer an embarrassing question about them.
    4. Take the shot, answer the question then repeat.
  • Who am I?

    Once everyone has already eased up in the evening, another fun game to try is: Who am I? Basically each person has to write down the name of a famous celebrity and place them in a bowl. The player has to withdraw one paper and put it on their forehead to try and guess the person’s name. The only answer that the group can give to the player is  ‘yes, no and maybe’. Each person only has a minute to guess, and if  you’re wondering where  the drinking part is in the game here it goes- if the person guessed the celebrity correctly then they do not have to take the shot, but if they didn’t then they have to take a full shot in a himalayan salt shot glass. No stopping. Just bottoms up!

  • Drunken Jenga

    This one’s a great game once everyone is already tipsy. Make sure to have your Jenga ready and place the blocks on a steady surface. The game is usually played by a player trying to remove a block on top of a block, but this time to add a little spice, choose your cocktail and make sure to fill up the himalayan salt shot glasses for each player to take.

    After the player has removed the block, the player would be asked truth or dare. If the player refuses to participate,  then they will have to take a tall shot of Saltist. The last player to completely destroy the tower of Jenga has to take 3 tall shots consecutively leaving everyone moments to remember.

  • If you have tried these games already, don't forget to share your best Saltist Fun Shot Games experiences here or tag us @Saltistco on Instagram with the hashtag #sippingwithSaltist. Let us know your unforgettable night experiences!

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