How to enjoy;

Pair us seamlessly with your favourite tequila, naturally adding the perfect nuanced, salty note.

Simply serve with lime wedges for some citrus balance.

Place us in the freezer right before use for the flawless chilled sip.

How to care for;

We are naturally anti-bacterial so you can simply wipe dry with a cloth and store back in our packaging, or in a cool, dry place between uses.

Do not put in the dishwasher.

Made from natural salt, the glasses may slowly erode over time.

Our glasses will 'sweat' in the humidity. If you are using these on a hot day, be sure to use a cloth regularly, or perhaps an absorbent coaster!

Margarita Glasses;

Our brand new Margarita glasses are designed with a special silicone insert as to receive the taste of salt, without it being overpowering.

To wash this - simply remove the silicone insert and wash, as well as wash your Margarita glass, and then place the insert back in under the salty rim.