What are shot glasses for, and how big are they?

What are shot glasses for, and how big are they?

What is a shot or shooter glass?

A shot glass (or shooter) is a small glass used to drink spirits or liquor from. A "shot" is designed to be consumed in one sip.

Shot glasses are are often made of glass or plastic ..however Saltist shot glasses are made of 100% Himalayan Salt. 

How big is a shot or shooter?

A shot glass usually contains 30 - 45 milimeters of liquid.

What do you drink from a shot glass?

Any spirit or liquor can be consumed from a shot glass, but Saltist shot glasses are designed primarily to sip tequila from. 

Tequila & salt go hand in hand, especially when consuming tequila shots! This is a Mexican tradition and often follows the sequence: Lick, Sip, Suck.

Lick the salt (usually off the back of your hand unless you have Saltist shot glasses!), Sip the tequila and then Suck a slice of lime or lemon!

This adds an element of 'ceremony' and comraderie around the tradition or ritual of shotting tequila!

Salt paired with tequila, balances the bitterness and enhances the inherent agave flavours, making it smoother and less harsh to consume.

The sharp taste of salt and the sourness lemon or lime also stimulate the salivary glands which helps to bellow the 'burn' of the tequila! It makes the tequila shot experience significantly more enjoyable.

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